Intramural Divisions Info

Intramurals are organized into divisions based on a child's age and gender. The age can be a tricky one as soccer is based on a child's age on 7/31 of the year upcoming. So for 2018 Fall season, it's the age of the child on 7/31/2019 for example.  

Each Gender will have it's own age group typically with Petite (first timer and 3-4 year olds) and Majors (11-13 year olds) combining into co-ed programs. 

Age groups (age of player as of 7/31/2019

  • Papoose - 4-5 year old 
  • Mini - 6-7 year old 
  • Novice - 8-10 year old
  • Majors - 11-13 year old

We do get questions about playing down in age at the younger ages and we appreciate the requests but ask you 'trust the process' of keeping players with kids near to their own birthday. Intramurals is a fun, not intense program designed for all players to have fun. The caring parent coaches and professional trainers will ensure the children enjoy themselves and experience failure and success to help them learn new things.   

For more information and similar questions, please visit our FAQ page as well

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