Mini Program- 1st and 2nd grades

Mini Program- 1st and 2nd grades

Key Information for the Mini Program 


Age Group:

1st to 2nd grades

Game Format 4v4
Number of Players on a Roster 7-8


4 periods

Period Duration:

10 minutes

Time Between Periods:

2 minutes

Time Between Halves:

5 minutes after second period

Total Running Time:

49 minutes

Ball Size:

Size 3

Goal Size:


Field Size:

30 x 40 yards. 4yd box. 4yd circle

Number of Coaches on Field:

1 per team, possibly may need to also serve as the referee
Game Field Houston Park/Urban Field
Practice Field Monday/Wednesday = Smedley Park, Friday = Houston Park/Urban Field
Practice Night

Monday or Wednesday, 5.35pm or 6.10pm Girls

Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 5.35pm or 6.10pm Boys

Cost $150, which includes a shirt
Duration 8 practices, 7 games
Registration Open now and will close Sunday 3/12/23 at 8pm




  • Although many of these players will have played games in the Papoose divison, they are still very new to the game environment and are still trying to learn the rules, and object of the game. Hopefully they will be trying to apply the techniques learnt in practice - this is not an easy task but shold be encouraged regardless of the rate of success. Encouragement, enthusiasm and maybe pointing them in the direction of the other team's goal is all they need to hear. No sideline "coaching".
  • No score keeping nor records. 
  • Coaches may need to serve as the on-field referees. Coaches should agree pre-game who is refereeing which quarter. 
  • No goalie is permitted. Coaches are not to position players in a position to act as a goalie. This is important as we are to try and keep all players on the field engaged in the game and try to get them to touch the ball as much as possible. Player may only be in circle if actively involved in play.
  • Coaches should not encourage players to hang by their offensive goal. Objective is to keep the players involved in the game as much as possible. 
  • No slide tackles, pushing, tripping permitted.
  • If one team has fewer players than the normal allowed on the field, the opponent plays with the same number of players as the opposing team.
  • If one team is clearly dominating a game, the opposing team can put 1-2 extra players in until game is more equal for both teams.
  • The same team taps off for the 1st and 3rd periods. The other team taps off at the start of the 2nd and 4th periods. Teams switch sides at half time.
  • Substitutions can be made at any point to keep kids fresh and involved.
  • All players will get equal playing time.
  • No throw-ins, only kick-ins are to be taken if the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines. Opposing team needs to give at least 5 yards space for the inbound pass to take place.
  • Goal kicks are taken when the attacking team knocks the ball out of bounds across the end line. Opposing team must wait at midfield and not proceed across until the pass is completed.
  • No off-sides.
  • When a foul occurs, such as a dangerous play, tripping, handling, slide tackling etc., play is stopped to allow the referee or coach to quickly explain the error. Penalty kicks are all indirect (even if within the penalty box) and from the spot of the foul. If a penalty occurs inside the penalty box, the penalty kick is taken from directly outside the box at the point closest to the foul. All fouls should calmly be explained to all players as a learning experience.
  • Coaches on the field must stay out of players’ way, out of the box and clear of the goal.
  • All teams are responsible for lining fields, setting up fields as directed by the Commissioner 

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